Screen Prints

My passion for screen printing has evolved into a love for using metallic acrylics to mimic water effects. Experimenting with multi-layering techniques on cyanotype prints has added depth to my work while combining lithography has allowed me to create my captivating “Wild Waters” collection.

Drawing inspiration from iconic masters such as Hockney, Picasso, Edvard Munch, and Henri Matisse, I’ve cultivated a unique approach to my craft, guided by esteemed artists like Kathryn Poole, Jane Bennett, and Tracey Hill.

My use of metallic acrylics in screen printing captures the mesmerizing essence of water, while the integration of lithography adds further depth and dimension to my compositions. The result is a dynamic fusion of textures and forms that beautifully convey the fluidity of nature, reflecting my ongoing exploration of print techniques and artistic expression.