Wild Waters

Kendall Museum | 2022

By Lavinia Haslam

Lavinia is a multi-disciplinary emerging  female Artist; a mixed raced single mother of two born and raised in the Lake District.

Her practise is inspired by environment and sensory connections to the water including its benefits to health and wellbeing. She explores identity, place, environment, sexuality, gender and belonging. The exhibition is an explosion of different mediums, creating interactive immersive mindful expressions of local waters and wild swimmers. This artist challenges the typical way we see and presents our local waters with a cutting edge innovative approach, challenging traditional forms of art, a must see for creatives and local people.

The Hangings are expressive to fabric of life, what holds us together what tears us apart, how transparent life can be, the way they move like the water flowing as we swim in it, depicting water is the light and wind which controls what we see and what we don’t, these pieces explore gender and sexuality ‘woman inside the man’ exploring these works produced a collection named ‘Gender series’, challenging dominant models of gender.

The Lucid series of images is titled ‘Blue Waters’ depicts women swimmers in the depths of winter unintentional portraying a depression a blueness perhaps this was a period of my life where I was overcoming grief and personal trauma, working with cyaontypes onto fabrics upcycling denim jackets and clothing

I produced lino tiles entitled ‘Black &white’ series portraying identity and belonging, again I now recognise the images produced reflected myself of my own ancestral background.producuing tshirts for wold water swimmers experimenting with hapizome print and screen printing creating Nipples and Ripples as a business printing hoodies with my designs on.

I am drawn to the water like a mermaid to the sea, moving in and out of place, flowing, swirling, splashing.

I am everywhere within all the pieces of art work, The final lithographic print suggests a tranquil, serene image of self, looking out to calmer waters with the sun on the horizon as the blueness of the collection transforms into a different space in time.

I am interested in the heritage of spaces and feel that with the use of modern technologies we can create more interactive learning from past history to futuristic visions.