Gender Series

Lavinia Haslam’s artistic journey unfolds as a profound exploration of sexuality, identity, and place. Through her innovative creations, she ventures into uncharted territories, challenging societal norms and promoting inclusivity. One remarkable facet of her work lies in the strategic use of “feminine” colors layered onto images of men—an artistic rebellion that transcends boundaries.

In her artistic alchemy, Lavinia intertwines female forms within male figures, creating a mesmerizing dance of identities. This intentional layering evokes a sense of beauty, sometimes bordering on chaos, as it captures the innate human desire to find a sense of belonging within a specific place. Each piece becomes a visual narrative, a testament to the evolving attitudes and emerging identities that challenge the established norms of gender.

This intricate layering serves as a canvas for exploring the fluidity of the body and the dynamic nature of identity. Lavinia’s art becomes a mirror reflecting changing attitudes towards gender, a rebellion against the constraints of conventional models. The result is a series of captivating pieces that not only challenge but also celebrate the diversity of human expression.

As Lavinia delves into the complexities of gender representation, her work becomes a beacon for those seeking to break free from the confines of societal expectations. Drawing inspiration from “A Queer Little History of Art,” she adds another layer of depth to her creations, anchoring them in the rich tradition of queer artistic expression.

In essence, Lavinia Haslam’s art is a celebration of diversity, a visual manifesto that encourages viewers to question, reflect, and embrace the ever-changing landscape of human identity and sexuality. Her creations stand as a testament to the transformative power of art, inviting us to see beyond the surface and acknowledge the beauty in embracing a spectrum of identities. Lavinia is featured on in focus Sky Arts speaking about her practise and also on U tube with OFS.

(Wild Water Collection 2022)

As I explored this image, I was inspired to incorporate the patterns and textures of the water to create a new dimension and contrast to the black and white piece. I hand-painted the image using metallic acrylic paints, which helped to capture the appearance of water at sunset. The artwork is emotional and conveys the joyful connection between the wild swimmers, as often depicted in blue. The use of gold leaf in the hands and body of the swimmers adds an alluring quality and aligns with my research on conveying the water in a more fleeting manner. It softens the dynamic screen and effectively expresses the welcoming nature of water.

These pieces I created were with the ideas surrounding sexuality, identity and place. I found it most interesting in the exploration of using “feminine” colours to layer onto the images of men. I then layered female forms inside of male forms. I found these to be most beautiful with some pieces forming a type of chaos in a sense of the need to belong within place. The layering of these images explored the body and how you could portray a changing attitude and emerging identities, challenging dominant models of gender. [i]

[i] A Queer Little History of Art

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