Since childhood, my fascination with fabrics has been a guiding force, leading me to delve into the intricacies of textile studies during my formative years. However, it was in adulthood that I truly unearthed the joy and experimentation inherent in fabric manipulation. Drawing inspiration from pioneering artists like Paula Rego, whose fervent passion and socially charged artistic expression resonated deeply with me, I embarked on a journey of artistic exploration.

Fortuitously, I found myself apprenticing under the esteemed artist Rebecca Scott, who, having exhibited alongside Paula in 2018, provided invaluable mentorship in the realm of oil painting. Transitioning from a background in photography, I embraced this opportunity to expand my artistic horizons, guided by Rebecca’s expertise.

Throughout my artistic evolution, I have remained tethered to the classics, finding solace and inspiration in the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin. During my undergraduate studies in photography, the early masterpieces of Juliet Margaret Cameron captivated my imagination, influencing my exploration into the idealized portrayal of children in late 19th-century art. This exploration culminated in my final project, where I employed hand-printed vignettes on Kentmere paper, juxtaposing the innocence of childhood with the complexities of dual heritage identity.

Further inspiration stems from luminaries such as Don McCullin, Sally Mann, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Cindy Sherman, whose photographic oeuvres have provided me with a lens through which to explore the stark realities of human existence. It is through my own photographic endeavours that I discovered a passion for printmaking, a medium through which I blend the visual narratives captured by my lens with the tactile artistry of print.

Following the completion of my Master’s degree, logistical constraints hindered my access to printing facilities, prompting a transition to painting as a means of creative expression. Drawing from the depths of my ancestral consciousness, my paintings take on an abstract guise, serving as a conduit for the unresolved traumas of bygone eras. Through each brushstroke, I endeavor to unearth the profound complexities of the human experience, traversing the realms of history, memory, and personal introspection.

‘The ships blood’ 420x210mm, acrylic.

‘Crawling-out’, 297x210mm, oil on canvas.

‘Out of the Woods’ 297x210mm, oil-pastel.

‘Winnie under house arrest’ 297x210mm, acrylic.

Yemaya II


‘Good Elephant’, 420×297 mm.

‘Rob & Tash’

‘Fragile’, 2024

‘Disco Future Queen’, 2024

‘The Earth is Crying’, 120×90 cm.

‘Love-Lost-House’ 1200x900mm, paint mixed with acrylic.