Lithography Prints

Linocuts proved to be the ideal technique for creating figurative pieces of my swimming friends without revealing their identity, sexuality, or race. The balance in these pieces takes into account their place within identity.

The water, which is always present, suggests various connotations related to the above themes and how they are perceived by the viewer. Water is a recurring element in all my works, which can be representative of everyone about identity and place. I conveyed a lot of emotion with these simple tile cuts and I wanted to explore their dimensions further. That’s why I experimented with screen printing the tile cuts onto fabric commonly used for swimming costumes, wet suits, and dry robes. I also tried using thermogenic inks, which are revealed in water, to see their effects. I found that applying a simple fabric medium onto t-shirts worked well. My friends liked the result and expressed interest in wearing them! I named this collection ‘Nipples & Ripples’,